At Chaffee Roofing we know the roof completes a building. You invest money in the structure and you want it to last.  Quality always does. Many of our clients choose EPDM because of its long-life properties alone.

One question we get asked a lot by clients is: ‘how to make the EPDM roof last longer?’

Every roof requires maintenance, and it is not any different with EPDM. With this in mind we put together a few tips to help make your EPDM roof last longer.

Our list of 5 ways to make your EPDM roof last longer is:

  • Regular inspections are key
  • Prevention is better than the cure
  • Remove heavy snowfalls
  • Keep the roof clean
  • Use professional contractors

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

5 Ways To Make Your EPDM Roof Last Longer
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Regular inspections are key

As with all roofs, you need to keep an eye on EPDM.

After a storm you should inspect the roof and repair any damage. This should be a detailed inspection, looking at joints, seams, and flashings. You should also check rooftop units to make sure everything is where it should be.

Only by finding a problem before it takes hold can you minimize the damage from storms and bad weather.

Prevention is better than the cure

This is very true when it comes to roofs. Take a look around outside your building. Overhanging branches can do a lot of damage during a storm. Trim trees and keep any new plantings away from the building.

Reduce access to the roof to only qualified persons, wearing the proper footwear.

Remove heavy snowfalls

A flat roof holds the snow, and there typically isn’t any force of gravity to make it slide away. If you live in a heavy snow area, get a professional team up on the roof as soon as possible after a heavy fall. The weight of the snow and ice puts a lot of pressure on the structure, which can do a lot of damage.

In New England we get a lot of snow. EPDM is excellent, but snow is not its friend when it is allowed to gather and build up over the winter months.

5 Ways To Make Your EPDM Roof Last Longer

Keep the roof clean

It may be obvious but you need to clean the EPDM roof regularly. Leaves can block drains and draw a lot of moisture onto the roof system. Moss can grow and find its way, potentially doing a lot of structural damage.

Pests love the peace of being up on the roof, but they can also dig into and puncture the material, leaving you with many unwanted problems. Hire a professional contractor to do the work properly.

Use professional contractors

For all work on your EPDM roof only use professional contractors. They know what to do, what to look for and when to carry out repairs.

The professional will wear the right gear and use the correct tools and materials. Someone who does not know what they are doing can do a lot of damage to your EPDM roof, especially if they use non-compatible products, like asphalt cement, to perform repairs.

5 Ways To Make Your EPDM Roof Last Longer

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