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Thomas K. Chaffee

President and Founder, 1908-1943

Thomas K. Chaffee opened the business to supply oil-based paint, “Chaffee’s Mill White,’’ as an alternative to whitewash. His customers were the numerous textile mills, then common in this region. As soon he added roofing products, he adopted the slogan “Make it White, Make it Tight with Chaffee.’’ Barrels of paint were brought up by barge from New Jersey, and then moved to the warehouse at 87 Globe Street, Providence, by horse and team.

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Henry N. Chaffee

President 1943 to 1978

In 1943, Henry N. Chaffee took over for his father and continued to build on the product line, serving the needs of facilities managers throughout the eastern United States. By 1958, Chaffee’s customers began doing less roofing internally with there own maintenance crews, and began hiring local contractors to apply the Chaffee product. Chaffee formed alliances with the best contractors and started offering installed work.

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Steven H Chaffee ( (left) with Henry N. Chaffee (Right))

President 1978 to Present 

In 1978, Steven H. Chaffee took over for his father, and started installing single ply roof systems, which at the time were a new alternative to Built Up Roof Systems. Shortly after Steve took over, Chaffee Roofing installed its first single-ply membrane roof at Narragansett Brewing Company in Cranston, Rhode Island. Single Ply took off fast at Chaffee Roofing, and by 1989, Chaffee Roofing had installed 5 million square feet of single ply roofing alone.

In 1998, Chaffee Roofing was named to the Stevens Roofing Systems Hall of Fame for the third year in a row, and received numerous awards for high quality installations. In 2000, Chaffee also received Carlisle’s Centurion award for surpassing 100 perfect roof installations.

By 2001, Chaffee had installed nearly 15 million square feet of re-roofing work. Chaffee received its first Carlisle ESP Achievement Award, one of the most prestigious endorsements in the roofing industry. Since 2001, Chaffee has received this award every year, including this year. See Awards for more information.

Steve Rick Peter at Fenway

Chaffee’s Working at the Company Today

Steve Chaffee (Left), Rick Chaffee (Middle) and Peter Chaffee (Right) stocking Fenway Park.

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